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Is your old boiler draining your wallet? You're not alone! Many Glasgow homeowners qualify for a FREE boiler replacement under the ECO4 scheme. Slash your energy bills and enjoy a cosy home without breaking the bank!

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Warm Up Your Home AND Your Wallet with Glasgow's Free Boiler Grant

Struggling to keep your Glasgow home warm while energy bills skyrocket? There's a solution! You could qualify for a FREE boiler replacement under the government's ECO4 scheme. This program helps low-income households stay warm and save money.

Here's who can benefit:

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Application Steps for Getting Free Government Boiler Glasgow

The Free Boiler grant Glasgow offers a fantastic opportunity to completely transform your home heating system – for absolutely nothing. Here's what you can expect:

Confirm your eligibility

Confirm eligibility using our form in under a minute. One of our team members will reach out for further processing/checks. Simple and convenient!

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Processing Your Application

Upon your request, we will start the application procedure. Simply provide the required details and documents to get the ball rolling!

Book Your Free Survey

We’ll schedule a cost-free home survey once the documentation is complete and verified. This survey will evaluate the suitability of your boiler and property.

Grant Approval and Installation

Once your grant is approved, we’ll continue to work on your grant application. Sit back relax and let the experts install your new boiler!

Reap the Benefits of Your New Boiler

With your upgraded, energy-efficient boiler, anticipate savings on energy and cost. Smaller carbon footprint and free TRVs!

Stop Wasting Money with an Inefficient Boiler!

The Free Boiler grant Glasgow offers a fantastic opportunity to completely transform your home heating system – for absolutely nothing. Here’s what you can expect:

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Yes! Those eligible homeowners or private tenants who have a low EPC rating and have a non-condensing boiler can still apply for a free boiler scheme in glasgow. All you need to do is meet the eligibility criteria to apply.

The timeline for the ECO application process can vary, usually taking up to 3 days if the documents are verified. Otherwise, it may take a few weeks if not months.

While the program prioritises energy efficiency, installers typically recommend suitable boiler models. However, there may be some flexibility within that range to accommodate preferences.

 ECO grants typically cover the expenses of boiler replacement. Nevertheless, additional charges may apply for supplementary services like boiler flue adjustments or replacement. It’s advisable to clarify these details with the installer beforehand.

Get a Free Boiler from Top Brands

Under ECO4 Scheme, totally new boilers of the following brands can be installed:

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