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Feeling the chill this winter? Worried about rising energy bills? You’re not alone. But there’s good news! With the ECO4 scheme, you could be entitled to FREE insulation grants to upgrade your home and make it warmer, cosier, and more energy-efficient.

Berks Insulation is your one-stop shop for claiming your ECO4 grant and transforming your home. We’re a team of certified experts passionate about helping homeowners and private tenants like you unlock the benefits of energy-saving insulation.

How does the boiler grants works

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There are two main types of insulation grants in the UK:

Energy Company Obligation (ECO)

This scheme requires energy suppliers to invest in energy-saving measures for low-income, certain government benefit receivers and vulnerable households. ECO can provide funding for various insulation measures, including loft insulation, cavity wall insulation, and boiler upgrades.

Great British Insulation Scheme

This newer scheme offers free or cheaper insulation to a wider range of households, including those on low incomes, certain government benefit receivers and those with homes rated D to G on their Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). Furthermore, households falling within lower council bands (specifically, bands A to D) are also eligible to participate in this program. It also covers a broader range of insulation measures, including solid wall insulation, underfloor insulation, and room-in-roof insulation.

The specific eligibility criteria and types of support available vary depending on the program, your household income, letter of benefits, and property types. Interested? Simply enter your postcode here and the Berks Insulation team will contact you and help you out in claiming the most suitable free insulation grant.

What is Insulation?

Insulation is like a thermal blanket for your home. It traps heat inside during winter and keeps it cool in summer, making your living space more comfortable and helping you save money on energy bills. In the UK, weather can be unpredictable, therefore good insulation is crucial for year-round comfort and energy efficiency. Low-income families unable to afford this expense may struggle to heat their homes in winter. Fuel poverty, affecting many UK households, can be addressed by seeking free boiler subsidies.

How Insulation Works

Think of your home as a leaky bucket. Without insulation, heat escapes through walls, roofs, and floors like water dripping out of holes. Insulation plugs those holes, keeping the warmth inside and reducing the need for constant heating or cooling. 

Types of Insulation

Loft Insulation

The loft insulation grants are the most common and cost-effective option. It involves filling the space between your ceiling and roof with insulating materials like mineral wool or fibreglass.

Cavity Wall Insulation

If your home has a cavity between the outer and inner walls, it can be filled with blown insulation, effectively creating a thermal barrier.

Solid Wall Insulation

For older homes with solid walls, internal or external insulation panels can be added to improve thermal performance.

Floor Insulation

Insulating floors, especially suspended ones, can significantly reduce heat loss and make your home feel warmer underfoot. 

How Many People Get Insulation in the UK?

While the exact number varies, data suggests that:

Around 60% of houses in England and Wales have “average” or above wall insulation levels. This figure varies regionally, with higher rates in the North East and lower rates in London.

Up to 300,000 households are expected to benefit from the Great British Insulation Scheme, a government initiative providing free or cheaper insulation to eligible homes.

Studies indicate that investing in insulation can save homeowners in the UK hundreds of pounds per year on energy bills, making it a worthwhile investment for both comfort and cost-effectiveness.

Want to save money on your home’s energy bills? You might get free or cheap insulation through this scheme!

Who can get Insulation Grants?

  • Homes with an energy rating (EPC) of D to G
  • Homes in Council Tax bands A-D (England) or A-E (Scotland/Wales) 
  • Homeowners, landlords, and private tenants
  • You receive certain government benefits

How to check if you're eligible?

  • Tell Berks Insulation about your total household income
  • Let us know if anyone in your home gets benefits
  • Give us your email or phone number so we can contact you

What happens next?

  • If you qualify, we’ll check your home and see what kind of insulation you need.
  • We’ll guide you on the best option available.

Ready to save money and make your home warmer? Start the process now!

Note: This scheme is not available in Northern Ireland. You can find out about other energy-saving schemes there.

Understanding Your EPC Rating

Think of your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) as a report card for your home’s energy efficiency. It’s graded from A (highly efficient) to G (least efficient), with lower grades translating to higher energy bills and a colder living environment.

Why is this important?

  • Lower Bills:Improving your EPC rating through insulation can significantly reduce your energy consumption, leading to warmth without the financial burn.
  • Boost Your Property Value: A higher EPC rating makes your home more attractive to eco-conscious buyers, potentially increasing its market value.
  • Unlock Grant Opportunities: Many government grants, like the ECO4 Grant, prioritize homes with lower EPC ratings. This means you could get free insulation grants for your property!
This image shows the EPC rating graph

Can your home get a free insulation upgrade?

Maybe! The Great British Insulation Scheme helps homes save energy and money by installing insulation.

To qualify:

  • Your home needs an upgrade:Like cavity wall insulation, which fills the gap between your outer and inner walls.
  • One upgrade per home: Our insulation grants assessor will visit to see what kind of upgrade makes the most sense.
  • Benefit Receiver: If you get certain benefits, you might also get extra upgrades like room thermostats.

Act Now for a Better Tomorrow

Seize the opportunity to upgrade your home and contribute to a sustainable future. Berks Insulation invites you to take the first step towards energy efficiency with our Insulation Grants under the ECO4 Scheme. Together, let's create homes that are comfortable, eco-friendly, and cost-effective.

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