Are There Any Changes in ECO4 Scheme Eligibility in 2024?


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Saving money on home bills is crucial as the cost of living rises. UK homeowners and renters have used the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme for years to enhance energy efficiency. You should know about ECO4 revisions in 2024. This blog explains the ECO4 scheme, who comes under the ECO4 scheme eligibility, what papers are needed, and how to apply. You’ll learn everything you need to update your home heating system for free.

The ECO4 Scheme Overview

The newest UK Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme is ECO4. It provides free or subsidised home energy upgrades to low-income families to lower energy expenditures and carbon impact. Major energy corporations finance the government’s fuel poverty and greenhouse gas emission reduction initiative.


ECO4 aims to make dwellings more energy-efficient. Giving energy-saving measures grants does this. These solutions cut energy expenses by reducing home heating energy. The scheme also aims to cut carbon emissions. Making dwellings more energy-efficient reduces carbon emissions, fighting climate change.

How Does It Work?

The scheme requires major energy providers to pay energy efficiency upgrades in qualified homeowners’ houses. These firms must cut low-income families’ energy consumption by law. The project includes new boilers, insulation, and heating systems. Grants allow qualified homes to obtain these upgrades for free.

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What Does ECO4 Scheme Cover?

The ECO4 scheme provides many subsidies to increase household energy efficiency. Energy-saving incentives make houses warmer, more pleasant, and cheaper to operate.

Grant-Free Boiler Replacement

Old, inefficient boilers may be eligible for free replacement. New boilers are energy-efficient, lowering heating costs. Because it requires more energy to provide the same heat as a modern, efficient boiler, an old boiler may be costly. Changing your boiler may dramatically lower your energy use and expenditures.

Air-Source Heat Pump Grants

Air source heat pumps heat your house using sustainable energy. Installing these pumps with ECO4 grants will considerably lower your carbon impact. Air source heat pumps heat your house with outside air instead of fossil fuels. This makes them greener since they emit less carbon. Due to their lower energy usage, air source heat pumps are more efficient than conventional heating systems.

First-time central heating grants

The ECO4 project gives incentives for new central heating systems in households without one. This may greatly enhance house heating efficiency. Central heating systems are more efficient and even than individual heaters, keeping your house warmer and more pleasant. Installing central heating for the first time may boost your home’s value, making it beneficial.

Grants for insulation

Energy savings depend on insulation. Cavity wall, loft, and solid wall insulation are eligible for ECO4 incentives. Insulation prevents heat from escaping via walls, roofs, and floors. This keeps your house warmer longer, saving heating costs and energy bills. Good insulation reduces drafts and stabilises temperature, making your house more pleasant.

Who Qualifies for ECO4?

Income, benefits, and heating system condition determine ECO4 scheme eligibility. Understanding these qualifying conditions will help you take advantage of the grants if you qualify.

ECO4 Grant-Eligible Benefits

ECO4 awards need one or more of the following benefits:

  • Income-based Job Seeker’s Allowance (JSA): For jobless persons actively seeking employment. JSA recipients may qualify for ECO4.
  • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance (ESA): This benefit helps persons with disabilities or illnesses who cannot work. The scheme is open to ESA recipients.
  • Income Support Allowance: Low-income folks don’t have to sign up for unemployment for this benefit. Income Support recipients may qualify for ECO4 grants.
  • Working Tax Credit: For low-income workers. The scheme may be available to Working Tax Credit recipients.
  • Child Tax Credit: Low-income families get this benefit. ECO4 awards are available to Child Tax Credit recipients.
  • Universal Credit: For low-income or unemployed persons. The scheme may be available to Universal Credit recipients.
  • Pension Guarantee Credit: Low-income seniors get this benefit. Pension Guarantee Credit recipients may qualify for ECO4.
  • Pension Savings Credit: This benefit is for retirees above the state pension age who have saved. This scheme is open to Pension Savings Credit recipients.
  • Child Benefit (subject to income thresholds): For parents. Income also determines ECO4 scheme eligibility.
  • Housing Benefit: This helps renters. Housing Benefit recipients may be eligible for ECO4 grants

Benefits that make Applicant Disqualified for ECO4 Grants

Not all benefits qualify for ECO4. Benefits not stated above may disqualify you. Even if they get assistance, high-income families may not qualify for the scheme. Check the qualifying requirements to see whether you qualify.

Benefits that will not make you qualify for ECO4 are:

  • Disability Living Allowance
  • Personal Independent Payment
  • Carer’s Allowance
  • Constant Attendance Allowance
  • Armed Forces Independent Payment
  • Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit
  • War Pensions Mobility Supplement
  • Attendance Allowance
  • Severe Disablement Allowance

What Documents Are Needed for ECO4 Scheme Applications in 2024?

Applicants in 2024 must produce numerous papers to demonstrate they meet ECO4 scheme eligibility. Having these materials available will streamline the application process. What you need:


Proof of Benefits

You must prove you obtain qualified benefits. This may include award letters or DWP documents. These papers verify that you get scheme-eligible benefits.

Identity/Citizenship Proof

Valid identification like a passport or driver’s licence is needed. This verifies your identification and ensures the application is done by you.

Proof of Address

Utility documents, council tax invoices, and bank statements with your current address are required. These papers verify you reside at the energy efficiency improvement address.

EPC Energy Performance Certificate

Your house needs an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) assessing its energy efficiency. Providers may supply EPCs for those without them. The EPC assesses your home’s energy efficiency and suggests changes.

Old Boiler Info

Your boiler’s make and model are needed. This determines your ECO4 scheme eligibility to replace old boilers. The initiative typically replaces boilers that were installed before 2005 (usually a non-condensing boiler).

Child Benefit Updates 2024 (Single Parent and Couple Income Threshold)

ECO4’s 2024 income threshold modification for Child Benefit claimants is a major move. This changes the scheme to accommodate additional low-income families.

A Single Parent

The income threshold for single parents has been changed for ECO4. If you earn less than £19,800, you may qualify for the award. This change will help single parents get the advantages they need to upgrade their home’s energy efficiency.

Old Boiler Info

The combined yearly income criterion for couples is now £27,300. If your joint income is below this, you may qualify for ECO4. This change allows more couples to use the scheme, lowering their energy expenses and carbon impact.

These reforms seek to include more low-income homes in the initiative to help them improve energy efficiency. More individuals may qualify for energy efficiency upgrades under the ECO4 scheme by lowering income limits.

ECO4 Scheme Application 2024

Applying for ECO4 is easy. Start using energy efficiency incentives with these steps.

Step 1: Verify Your ECO4 Scheme Eligibility

Check your ECO4 eligibility online. These tools are fast and simple to use and can instantly determine your grant eligibility.

Step 2: Find an Approved Provider

Find an accredited local ECO4 provider. The government authorises these enterprises to increase energy efficiency under the initiative. Selecting a certified supplier guarantees quality work.

Step 3: Schedule a Site Survey

After choosing a service, arrange a free site survey. Heating and insulation will be assessed by a competent professional at your property. The survey determines areas for improvement and your ECO4 scheme eligibility.

Step 4: Gather and Submit Documents

Submit all required paperwork to your provider. Make sure everything is current. Preparing all your documentation speeds up the application process and increases your chances of approval.

Step 5: New Condensing Boiler Installation

The supplier will install your boiler, heat pump, or insulation if your application is granted. This is usually free. The supplier oversees installation to ensure quality and compliance.

ECO4 Scheme 2024

The ECO4 project continues to assist UK families save energy expenses and improve energy efficiency. With improved qualifying requirements and income limitations, more families may benefit from the scheme. Lowering carbon emissions and assisting low-income households via energy-efficient home modifications remain priorities.

The scheme should aid thousands of UK homes. By installing new boilers, insulation, and renewable heating systems, the ECO4 scheme is improving energy efficiency. These upgrades save energy expenses and promote sustainability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the ECO4 scheme eligibility criteria subject to changes every year?

Not necessarily the eligibility criteria of the ECO4 scheme changes every year. However, the criteria is subject to change when the UK government considers it necessary to achieve a certain milestone for attaining zero carbon-emission by 2050.

Are landlords eligible to apply for the ECO4 scheme?

Landlords cannot by themselves apply for the grants, but they should give permission to their private tenants who can apply for the grants and upgrade the heating system of the property where they live.

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