Some Highlights on ECO3 Scheme & Its Achievements

ECO3 Scheme

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The UK has been working hard to create a greener future by using less energy and making less pollution. One big effort is the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) Scheme.

In this blog, we’ll talk about the ECO3 Scheme. We’ll cover its history, goals, important events, and achievements. Also, it will include impacts, who benefits from it, and what industry experts say about ECO3. We’ll also look at how ECO3 changed to ECO4 and what that meant for energy efficiency.

A Brief History & Overview

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) was started by the British government in 2013 to help homes use less energy. Big energy companies have to share energy-saving tips with low-income families and others who need help. ECO has three big aims: to reduce fuel poverty, make sure everyone can get energy, and decrease pollution in homes. This is super important if we want to reach our goal of having no pollution at all.

Beginning of ECO3 Scheme

ECO3 was the name of the third version of ECO. It ran from October 2018 to March 2022. One thing had to be true first. It focused on the Home Heating Cost Reduction Obligation (HHCRO), which told energy companies they had to help vulnerable, low-income, and fuel-poor homes lower their energy bills. 

Mostly, they did this by making the heating and ventilation systems better. By doing these things, the goal was to save families a total of £8.253 billion. Other goals were set to make sure that some of these saves came from homes with solid walls, which are harder to insulate, and from homes in rural areas.

The ECO3 Scheme focuses on helping people save money on energy bills and using less energy. It really emphasizes insulating homes and using more efficient heating systems. By doing this, it cuts down on pollution and makes houses use less energy, which is great for both people and the planet. ECO3 is a big deal in the UK’s energy plan because it encourages people to protect the environment and use energy wisely.

Aims and Objectives of the ECO3 Scheme

The ECO3 Scheme aims to help families that are struggling and make them use less energy. It helps the UK meet its goal of net-zero carbon pollution and fights energy poverty. This cuts down on carbon pollution and helps make the future of energy more sustainable. This shows how important it is to use energy in a way that doesn’t harm the environment and helps us follow the rules that say we have to cut down on carbon emissions.

Achievements of the ECO3 Scheme

The ECO3 Scheme has achieved important goals that show how it has changed the energy industry. Success stories show that the plan really does work. Its plans and outcomes have had a big effect on the UK Energy Sector. Big goals show how well the plan deals with problems of the energy economy. 

The scheme’s important role in changing how we use energy is shown by its many successes. The ECO3 Scheme’s results show that we are making progress towards saving the earth and using energy in ways that last.

Key Milestones reached by the ECO3 Scheme

Making a lot of success, the ECO3 Scheme has gone above and beyond its goals to cut down on carbon emissions from homes. Not only will it save you money on bills over time, but it will also make homes more energy efficient by putting in place measures that work. Homes all over the UK are now much better at saving energy, which shows that the programme is working very well to achieve its goals.

Key Milestones and Achievements

So, did the ECO3 Scheme work? You bet it did! Here’s what it managed to do:

  • Helped Millions: ECO3 helped improve a massive number of homes, making them warmer and saving people a ton of money.
  • Exceeded Targets: It did better than anyone expected in reaching people who needed help.
  • Lifted People out of Fuel Poverty: Loads of people who couldn’t afford to heat their homes properly got help from the program.

Good for Energy Bills, Great for the Planet

It wasn’t only about saving money. ECO3 made a big difference to the environment too. Here’s how:

  • Huge Energy Savings: All those new boilers, insulation, and other upgrades saved the UK a massive amount of energy!
  • Reduced Carbon Emissions: Less energy used equals less pollution, helping the UK get closer to its environmental goals.

Success Stories from the ECO3 Scheme

Homes are getting better because of the ECO3 programme, which is lowering energy prices and making life more comfortable. Families say they’re saving money on energy, which helps those who are having a hard time. These stories show how well the plan works to save money, make houses cleaner, and make them use less energy. The scheme’s good effects are clear from the lives it’s made better.

Statistical Facts

During ECO3, energy-saving efforts went beyond the target. Homes are estimated to save £8.547 billion on bills over their lifetimes. Most suppliers met their goals for saving households money. Over 1 million energy-saving upgrades were installed, like replacing old boilers in over 251,000 homes, adding insulation in over 152,000 homes, and more. Since 2013, these efforts are expected to save about 58.2 million tonnes of carbon dioxide. That’s like the carbon absorbed by 264 million mature trees over 10 years.

1. Lifetime Energy Savings

ECO3 steps have helped fuel poor and vulnerable families save about £8.547 billion on their bills over the course of their lives. Since the ECO plan began in 2013, it is thought that people have saved a total of almost £19.3 billion on their bills.

2. Total Measures Installed

Over 1 million energy-saving improvements were made to homes under ECO3. That’s on top of the 3.5 million improvements made since the whole ECO program began in 2013! That’s a lot of homes getting warmer and saving money on energy bills.

3. Home Insulation Measures Installed

Out of the 1 million energy-saving measures installed under ECO3, over 400,000 were different types of insulation! This helped keep homes warm and cozy. Here’s what they did:

  • Wall insulation: They put insulation in the walls of 152,938 houses, like putting on a warm jacket for your house!
  • Floor insulation: They insulated the floors in 133,173 houses, like putting on warm slippers for your whole house!
  • Loft insulation: They insulated the lofts in 88,588 houses, like putting a warm hat on your house to keep the heat in!
4. Heating System Replaced with Energy-efficient Ones

Over a quarter of a million homes (more than 251,000!) got brand new boilers under ECO3. These weren’t just any boilers, though. They were super efficient and helped people save money on their energy bills. They were either:

  • Condensing boilers: These clever boilers use special technology to squeeze out extra heat, making them much more efficient than older models.
  • Low carbon heating alternatives (Heat Pumps): Air-source Heat Pumps are modern types of heating systems. They are even better for the environment than those condensing boilers!
5. Reducing Carbon Emissions

Since ECO started in 2013, the steps that have been put in place are expected to save about 58.2 MtCO2e in carbon over their lives. This is the same amount of carbon that 264 million full-grown trees take in over 10 years.

Who Did ECO3 Help?

One of the coolest things about ECO3 was that it was designed to help these groups:

  • People on low incomes: ECO3 made sure people who don’t have much money could still get help.
  • Fuel poor households: People struggling big-time to pay their energy bills got extra help.
  • Vulnerable people: This includes folks with disabilities or illnesses that make staying warm really important.

Industry Experts Give a Thumbs Up

People who know about energy and the environment had lots of good things to say about ECO3. They thought it was a clever way to save energy, fight climate change and help people all at the same time.

Impact of the ECO3 Scheme on the UK Energy Sector

The ECO3 scheme was like a superhero for the UK’s energy sector! It helped the environment in a big way by cutting down on harmful pollution. They did this by making houses all over the country more energy-efficient. This means people have used less energy, which is good for the planet and good for people’s wallets.

Think of it like this: when you use less energy, it’s like planting trees! ECO3 helped plant the equivalent of over 264 million trees, which is awesome! Not only that, but it also made life better for families by helping them keep their homes warm and cozy without spending as much on energy bills.

This program shows us how important it is to be smart about how we use energy. By taking care of the planet, we can also take care of ourselves and each other. It’s a win-win situation!

Future Outlook of the ECO3 Scheme: From ECO3 to ECO4

Looking ahead to ECO4, we expect some cool changes and fixes for problems we’ve had. It’s all part of making our future more eco-friendly. We’re getting better at saving energy and helping the environment while also growing our economy. ECO4 will keep setting big goals and using new rules and money to make things happen.

We’re also using more technology to help us out and keep moving towards a greener world. Overall, ECO4 is all about making sure we keep getting better at saving energy and making our planet healthier.

From ECO3 to ECO4: Even Better Things to Come

The ECO3 Scheme might be over, but guess what? We’ve got ECO4 now, and it’s even bigger and better! ECO4 is aiming to help even more people and make an even bigger difference to the planet.

Expected Developments in the ECO4 Scheme

People think that ECO4 will make big changes to how energy is used and give people new ways to save energy. The plan is meant to be eco-friendly and help the country reach its energy goals. ECO4 will be changed to save as much energy as possible, which shows a commitment to using energy in a way that doesn’t harm the environment.

Key Takeaways from the ECO3 Scheme

We can learn a lot from the ECO3 Scheme that will help us be more environmentally friendly in the future. To save more energy, you need to know what its main parts are. The things we learn in ECO3 help us get better and make sure we care for the earth. These lessons teach us how to save energy better and help us make the world a greener place.

How has the ECO3 Scheme Transformed the UK's Energy Landscape?

The UK’s energy market has changed a lot because of the ECO3 Scheme. Homes have put out less carbon, saved a lot of money on energy bills, and helped reach their net-zero goals. This programme has made better use of energy in the UK, especially for families with low incomes.

Impact of the ECO3 scheme on the environment and economy

Carbon emissions have gone down a lot because of ECO3. This is good for the earth. It has also helped the economy by making work available in the area of energy saving. At the same time, it has made houses use less energy, which is good for the environment. ECO3 helps the UK reach its climate goals by making homes all over the country use less energy.


The ECO3 Scheme was a big success! It helped loads of people save money on their energy bills, stay warm, and do their bit for the planet. ECO4 is taking things to the next level, so if you think you might be eligible for help, learn more about it! These awesome schemes show that the UK is serious about saving energy and fighting climate change.