U.K Extends Deadline for Gas Boiler Ban, Offering Relief to Homeowners


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LONDON – In a move welcomed by homeowners and industry, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has delayed the phase-out of gas boilers in new homes. The gas boiler ban, originally slated for 2025, has been pushed to 2035, allowing for a smoother shift towards renewable heating systems.

Previously, the government planned to eliminate gas boilers entirely by 2033. However, the extended timeline provides homeowners with ten additional years to explore and adopt sustainable alternatives.

For decades, gas boilers have been the backbone of U.K. home heating. This extension ensures homeowners can continue benefiting from their reliability and affordability for the foreseeable future.

Gas Boilers Remain Viable Option

Combi boilers, known for their compact size and dual functionality, are a popular choice for smaller homes. Their energy efficiency and instant hot water make them an attractive option.

System boilers, ideal for larger households with multiple bathrooms, offer high hot water pressure and compatibility with solar thermal systems.

Heat-only boilers, though requiring separate hot water storage, remain a reliable solution for older properties due to their compatibility with existing systems.

Despite the rise of heat pumps, gas boilers remain a cost-effective heating option, particularly in regions with colder climates and existing gas infrastructure. Their lower upfront cost makes them a budget-friendly choice for many homeowners.


Time for informed decisions

The U.K.’s commitment to sustainable heating remains, but homeowners can be confident that modern gas boilers will continue providing reliable warmth for years to come. Prime Minister Sunak’s extension provides ample time for homeowners to make informed decisions about their future heating needs.

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