How will the Great British Insulation Scheme help lower my energy costs?

How will the Great British Insulation Scheme help lower my bills-Blog

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Transforming Homes into Winter Sanctuaries

Charles Dickens, the literary giant with a heart of coal, once said: “The true measure of a civilized society lies in its ability to insulate its citizens from the harshness of the climate, fostering a haven of comfort and well-being.” His words, penned centuries ago, still resonate deeply today, especially as we face the teeth-chattering grip of winter.

Think about it: In a world where icy winds bite through thin walls and energy bills dance a jig on your bank account, a warm home isn’t just a luxury, it’s a sanctuary. It’s where we recharge, where laughter echoes, and where worries melt away like icicles in spring sunshine.

And that’s exactly where the Government of Great Britain has stepped up with its amazing Great British Insulation Scheme (GBIS). It is brandishing a sword of warmth against the frosty foe. Just like Dickens envisioned, GBIS aims to transform homes into bastions of comfort, shielding families from the bite of winter and the sting of high bills.

GBIS - A British Type of Government Scheme

Got drafty walls that whisper secrets to the wind? Well, GBIS itself is a British type of government that is all set to transform your heating needs. This scheme echoes cozy cavity insulation. So are you shivering under a bare roof? No doubt, GBIS throws a plush blanket of loft insulation over your head. Even your floors get a warm hug with underfloor insulation, making those early mornings a little less toe-curling.

But the Great British Insulation Scheme isn’t just about physical comfort, it’s about peace of mind too. Imagine the weight lifted from your shoulders knowing you’re not wasting precious pennies heating the great outdoors instead of your own home.

That’s truly the magic of GBIS. It turns down the thermostat and cranks up the savings!

Soaring bills got you feeling like a hot air balloon in reverse? Fear not! The Great British Insulation Scheme (GBIS) is all set to supercharge your energy savings. But how exactly does this scheme work its magic? Let’s dive in and find out!

What is the Great British Insulation Scheme?

As a matter of fact, GBIS is a revolution in the world of insulation. It throws on a cloak of insulation, stopping heat from leaking out like a sieve. So think toasty toes in winter and cool breezes in summer. All while your bank account does a happy dance.

Who Can Benefit from the Great British Insulation Scheme?

For the same reason, not everyone needs a protective sidekick. But if your home has an energy guzzler EPC rating of D-G and you’re in Council Tax bands A-D (England) or A-E (Scotland/Wales), you’re in! Plus, if you’re on low income or considered vulnerable, GBIS gives you extra love.

How Does GBIS Work?

Actually, energy companies, those bigwigs who send your bills, get a mission: install insulation in eligible homes. They’ll knock on your door, assess your walls and roof, then whip out their magic tools (loft insulation? Cavity wall insulation? Draft proofing?) and get your house all snug as a bug in a rug.

Is the Great British Insulation Scheme Free or Cheap?

Without reservation, this is the best part! For many, GBIS is a total freebie. Others might pay a bit, but it’ll be way less than the full whack. Remember, a stitch in time saves nine (a pounds!).

How much will I save?

Hang on to your woolly hats, because the average saving is a whopping £400 a year! That’s like finding a tenner in your coat pocket every month. Enough for extra pints at the pub, a fancy gadget, or simply taking a big bite out of your energy worries.


And here’s the thing: a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Sure, you could stick it out with your drafty old house, but GBIS is a chance to future-proof your comfort and your wallet. In fact, it’s like planting a money tree – the sooner you do it, the sooner you reap the rewards.

What's the catch?

There’s no such thing as a free lunch, but with GBIS, the catch is tiny. What’s more, you might have to wait a bit for your insulation to arrive. Next, you’ll need to let them poke around in your attic and walls (don’t worry, they’re clean!). However, companies such as Berks Insulation excel in swiftly providing free loft insulation, performing wonders in the process. Interested? Apply here.

Which insulations are covered under the Great British Insulation Scheme?

Following Insulations are Covered Under GBIS:

GBIS: Changing Walls for More Warmth

Ever wish your home felt like a cozy hug? Cavity wall insulation does just that. GBIS, the government’s magic touch, fills gaps, wrapping your home in warmth without breaking the bank. Further, it adds insulation and stops heat from escaping, making your home cozier.

Solid Wall Insulation: GBIS's Year-Round Comfort

 Imagine your home covered in a magic shield all year. Solid wall insulation, inside and out, does just that. With the aid of GBIS, you can make your cosy haven by adding insulation material. So stop heat loss and keep your place comfy. On top of that, it’s not just insulation. It’s like turning up the efficiency dial.

Loft Insulation: GBIS's Winter Upgrade

Think of loft insulation as a warm, fuzzy blanket for your home. Thanks to GBIS, you can get your loft insulated. Consequently, you can enjoy warmth and say goodbye to cold drafts. Furthermore, your winter becomes a gentle breeze. That being the case, putting insulation material in the loft space makes things cozier. Without a doubt, it also saves on energy.

Underfloor and Solid Floor Insulation: GBIS's Ground-Up Comfort

If you qualify for GBIS, it will turn your space into comfy spots, like putting on warm socks. Both underfloor and solid floor insulation methods stop heat from sneaking away. They make your home cozier and more energy-efficient. To get back to the point, it’s like turning your place into a happy living space.

Park Home Insulation: GBIS's Tailored Comfort

Now, under this scheme, you can turn your park home into cosy comfort zone. Specially designed insulation solutions by the Great British Insulation Scheme change the game for park homes. This helps with specific needs, keeping warmth in, and creating a comfy space with less energy use.

Room-in-Roof Insulation: GBIS's Home Makeover

Ever dreamt of turning your attic into a cozy space? GBIS makes dreams come true with room-in-roof insulation – giving a fresh look to unusual spaces. GBIS doesn’t just insulate; it adds a touch of magic. Putting insulation between the roof beams and ensuring airflow creates a well-insulated, comfy living space. It’s like giving your home a warm, magical touch.

What’s GBIS Eligibility Criteria and How to Apply?

So, how do you claim your insulation bounty? Well, it’s easier than pie! Let’s break it down into two key groups:

The General Group:

  • Tax Band Buddies: First, your home needs to be nestled within specific Council Tax bands. In England, that means A to D, while Scotland and Wales welcome homes in bands A to E. Think of it as a financial passport to warmth!
  • EPC Eligibility Elves: Next, your home’s Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating is like its energy report card. So to qualify for the general group, you need a D or E rating. In other words, there’s room for improvement in the heat-keeping department.

The Low-Income Group:

  • Means-Tested Marvels: If your household income falls below a certain threshold, you’re eligible for extra snuggle points! This means you might get free or heavily subsidized insulation. But again, it all depends on your specific circumstances.
  • Benefit Bonanza: Receiving certain means-tested benefits, like Universal Credit or Pension Credit, can open the door to the Low-Income Group. Undeniably, it’s like a secret handshake for those who need a little extra help staying warm.

Private Renters, Take Note:

Unfortunately, private renters are currently excluded from the GBIS. But don’t despair! If your EPC rating falls within the D or lower D, there might still be hope. Some energy suppliers like Berks Insulation offer insulation schemes for private renters. So it’s worth checking with them directly.

Cost Concerns: Not Always a Chill

While the GBIS offers free or heavily subsidized insulation in many cases, there are some situations where you might need to contribute to the installation costs. This typically applies to homes with F and G EPC ratings in the private rented sector. But remember, even a partial contribution can save you money on your energy bills in the long run

So, how do you know if you qualify?

The easiest way is to head over to our website and check your eligibility online. In all honesty, it’s quick and painless process. We’ll let you know in no time at all.

So remember, a warm home is a happy home, and the Great British Insulation Scheme is here to help make that a reality for as many people as possible. So, apply today and get ready to cozy up with the GBIS!

  1. Check your EPC rating: Think of it as your home’s energy report card. Got a D or lower D? GBIS welcomes you with open arms!
  2. Council Tax band: A to D in England, A to E in Scotland and Wales? You’re in the money-saving club!
  3. Confirm in which group you fall whether general or low–income group. 

 Apply through Our Website

It’s like a treasure map leading to a warmer, cheaper home. Fill out a quick form, and boom! You’re in the queue for your insulation upgrade. We offer the fastest process.

Think of GBIS as a magic spell for your home: lower bills, higher comfort, and a greener future. So, grab your wand (or phone) and cast a spell of warmth and savings! Don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers! Seize the day, seize the insulation, and seize a cozier, happier you!

Remember, a stitch in time saves nine (and a few hundred quid on your bills!). Don’t let this chance to turn down the thermostat and crank up the savings fly away!

Summing Up

Remember, Dickens wasn’t just a storyteller; he was a social commentator and a champion for the downtrodden. He saw warmth and comfort as fundamental human rights, not luxuries reserved for the wealthy. So UK Government’s Great British Insulation Scheme (GBIS) echoes this sentiment, offering a helping hand to those who need it most. Low-income families and vulnerable households get priority access, ensuring everyone can enjoy a haven from the cold.

Whether it’s cavity wall insulation providing a snug cocoon, loft insulation wrapping homes in warmth, or underfloor insulation giving a ground-up hug, GBIS becomes a British government ally against the frosty foe. Moreover, beyond physical comfort, it offers peace of mind, reducing energy waste and cranking up savings.

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