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Choosing a boiler is important for homeowners. Everyone wants to buy from the top boiler manufacturers believing that they are the best ones and meet their heating needs. But it’s hard to compare brands. So finding a reliable manufacturer is key for peace of mind.

Moreover, the UK’s boiler market grew by 40% last year and several new brands have emerged. Each brand is making different types for different needs.  So this makes picking the best one hard. But don’t worry as we’re here to help you compare and find the right one.

In this guide, we’ll tell you about the best top boiler manufacturers in the UK. We will also guide you about how you can get a brand-new boiler free of charge through the eco4 boiler scheme.

Criteria to evaluate Boiler Brands

Before we talk about the best boiler brands, let’s see how you should pick them. Here are the things you should look at:

  • Overview and History: Firstly, always look at brands with a long history of making boilers better. This is because several new brands might not have durable products. Moreover, their quality could be compromised.
  • Efficiency and Performance: Secondly, you should have a boiler that saves energy to lower your bills.
  • Customer Reviews and Reliability: Thirdly, look for reviews online. Undeniably, people through their reviews differentiate between the top boiler manufacturers and the second-rated ones. They in fact, avoid brands with many unhappy customers.
  • Price Range: Next, look at the price matter and find the one that fits your budget.
  • Warranty: Also, don’t forget about the warranty. Because longer warranties are better.
  • Support and Customer Service: Next, remember that good customer service is important. So find a brand that hurries to help if something goes wrong with your boiler.
  • Variety of Models and Features: Finally, the brand should offer many types of boilers with different features to meet different needs. This is a sign that it is one of the top boiler manufacturers.

An overview of top boiler Manufacturers in the UK


When it comes to keeping your UK home warm and toasty, several boiler brands vie for your attention. From the renowned reliability of Worcester Bosch and Viessmann’s German engineering to the budget-friendly options from Biasi, each brand caters to specific needs and budgets. Whether you prioritize efficiency like Vaillant’s ecoTEC series or a good balance of performance and affordability like Ideal Heating, understanding the top boiler manufacturers in the UK boiler market will help you make an informed decision. So always do analysis and compare everything.


Warranty (Years)

Price Range (£)

Worcester Bosch


670 – 4050



630 – 2950



675 – 1920



625 – 2920



845 – 1700



870 – 1470



875 – 2200

Worcester Bosh Boilers

This is one of the top boiler manufacturers in the UK market. Worcester Bosch started in the 1960s and later joined the Bosch Group. They make lots of boilers for different homes, big or small. Moreover, their boilers are super efficient, saving around 90% of energy. Also, people trust them for saving energy and have top ratings from Europe. They give warranties of up to 12 years for new boilers. Furthermore, they promise to install it within 24 hours, hassle-free.

Here are some popular boiler models from Worcester Bosch.

Boiler Model


Price (£)

Worcester Greenstar 25i



Worcester Greenstar 30i



Worcester CDi Compact 28



Worcester CDi Compact 32



Worcester 8000 Style



Worcester Bosch Greenstar 25,30

Not Available


Alpha Boilers

Alpha Heating Innovation, a UK company, started 50 years ago. They’re top in the heating business, solving homeowners’ heating problems with innovative solutions. Moreover, this brand has all the needed certifications, like ISO 90001:2000. They’re a trusted boiler brand. Next, they do daily quality checks on boilers to ensure they’re good. Additionally, they offer warranties of up to 10 years for peace of mind. Their boilers are super efficient, saving 90% or more energy. As a result, this cuts down on your bills.

Here are two popular Alpha boiler models.

Boiler Model


Price (£)

Alpha E-Tec Combi 28



Alpha E-Tec Combi 33



Alpha InTec Combi 40



Alpha InTec Combi 45



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Biasi Boilers

Biasi boilers started in 1938 by Leopoldo Biasi, focusing on heating systems in the 1940s. They offer combi and system boilers in various sizes and prices. Furthermore, they have certified installers and excellent after-sales support. On top of that, many customers are happy with their service and the durability of their boilers.

Here is the table with different models and their prices.

Boiler Model


Price (£)

Advance Plus 7 19.5



Advance Plus 7 24.4



Advance Plus 7 29.5



Economy 24 kW



Baxi Boilers

Baxi was started in 1985 by Richard Baxendale and is now part of BDR Thermea. They’re well-known in Europe for heating systems for homes and businesses. Next, their boilers come with warranties ranging from 2 to 10 years, giving you options. Moreover, many of their boilers have top energy ratings. Also, they have great customer service and get excellent reviews on review sites.

Boiler Model


Price (£)

200 Combi 24



400 Combi 230



600 Combi 24



EcoFit Combi 32



Ideal Boilers

Ideal Heating, a famous British company, has been making heating systems for over 110 years. They create boilers for homes and businesses, like combi and system boilers.

Since Ideal Boilers cares a lot about the environment, it places them to be in the list of top boiler manufacturers in the UK. Moreover, these boilers are very efficient, over 90%, and all have the highest energy rating. Also, they offer warranties of up to 10 years on certain products and provide dependable after-sales support.

Boiler Model


Price (£)

Logic Max 24



Vogue Max 24



Vogue Gen2 24



Evo Max 30



Viessmann Boilers

Viessmann, a German company started by Martin Viessmann in 1917, is now in 11 countries. Their boilers, all made in Germany, meet very high standards. Moreover, they give warranties of up to 7 years for some products. On top of that, they have great after-sales support and quick customer service. Customer reviews say their products are trusted and satisfying.

Boiler Model


Price (£)

Vitodens 200-W



Vitodens 050-W



Vitodens 100-W/111-W



Vitodens 300-W



Vaillant Boilers

The final brand in the list of top boiler manufacturers in the UK is Vaillant. It is a German company started by Johann Vaillant in 1874. It has also won a German Quality Award and has branches in several countries. Next, they offer warranties of up to 10 years and have quick customer support. Moreover, their Trustpilot reviews are excellent. On top of that, they offer a wide variety of boiler models at different prices. Their products are also very efficient, which is great for saving on energy bills.

Boiler Model


Price (£)




ecoTEC plus25



ecoFIT pure32



ecoCOMPACT exclusive



Which boiler brand is the best?

Without a doubt, finding the top boiler manufacturers is crucial. So when choosing a manufacturer, you need to be very careful. There are even more boiler brands in the UK apart from the above list, some reliable and some not. Moreover, each offers different products and services, making it hard to decide. So before you buy, compare quotes from different companies. This can take time and be stressful if you’re not familiar with boilers and brands.

Why consider a new boiler?

Well, regular non-condensing boilers use gas or oil and aren’t very eco-friendly. They waste energy and can lead to high bills. But new condensing boilers are a better option. Without a doubt, they cost more upfront, but they’ll save you money in the long run. Furthermore, you might qualify for government incentives, like free boilers under schemes like eco4. These boilers use condensing technology and are more efficient, meaning they’ll cut down on your energy bills

What’s a boiler grant?

A boiler scheme is a big program run by the government to help people with their heating.  For example, the Eco4 scheme involves major energy companies giving free boilers to low-income households.  Next, there’s the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS), which offers grants to homeowners in England and Wales.

These grants help cover the cost of installing a heat pump or biomass boiler, which can be really expensive.  With BUS, you could even get cash, up to £7,500, for installing an air-source heat pump. As a result, you can make a big difference in how much you pay overall.

Which boiler brands are excluded from the grant?

Well, the thing is, no specific boiler brand out of the top boiler manufacturers list is left out of the grant. But, you know, those older non-condensing boilers made by many UK brands aren’t covered. Moreover, they’re kind of outdated, burning fuel and wasting energy by letting hot gases escape up the flue. That’s why they’re less efficient and costlier to run compared to newer condensing models.

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