Why Heat Pump Maintenance is So Important?

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The winter has arrived again and the hustle to stay cozy and warm is yet to begin. Before extreme weather hits most parts of the United Kingdom, it is important to check your house thoroughly to inspect and arrange 

From remodeling your kitchen and other rooms to upgrading your heating system, and filling the cavities and holes to insulate your home properly, you need to invest time and money for better heating. 

One of the most common heating systems used in UK households is an air-source heat pump. The reason is that they require little maintenance and perform better than conventional heating systems that use fossil fuels. 

The modern air-source heat pumps are even more efficient than the older models. With greater efficiency, air-source heat pumps produce less amount of carbon and greenhouse gases. 

To overcome the emission of greenhouse gases, the government of the UK is funding households to equip them with modern heating systems that are more eco-friendly and conserve energy. Air source heat pump grants are available if you meet the eligibility criteria.

Check your air source heat pump grant eligibility criteria by entering your postcode. 

If you already have an air source heat pump, you need to take care of its maintenance. Investing in the maintenance of an air source heat pump can improve its performance, reduce heating costs, and offer you comfort, coziness, and peace of mind. 

In this post, we will walk you through;

Why heat pump maintenance and servicing is so important?

  • What is the heat pump maintenance cost?
  • How often to service the heat pump?
  • What does servicing a heat pump entail?

Let’s get started.

In some cases, most of the manufacturers demand users go through routine maintenance for the warranty to stay valid. However, if you avoid servicing and maintenance, you may not be eligible for a warranty anymore. This could lead to heavy losses if any part goes faulty or broken. 

What is the Heat Pump Maintenance Cost in the UK?

The routine maintenance of a heat pump cost in the UK is around £150 or less. However, it also depends on different heat pump maintenance companies, the severity of damaged or broken parts, and the type of heat pump. Sometimes heat pump maintenance costs could go as high as £2000 or more. 

How often to Service the Heat Pump?

If you are serious about the maintenance of your heat pump, make sure to call a professional to inspect it once every year. However, to stay on the safe side and increase the life of the heat pump, you can get it serviced twice a year. With regular servicing and maintenance, your heat pump components such as fan motors, coils, and filters can be checked and replaced in a timely manner. 

What does Servicing a Heat Pump Entail?

No matter, how much it costs you to service a heat pump, don’t do it by yourself. Hire a professional and pay the amount as agreed, which in return will check the following:

  • Check the blower, ducts, indoor coil, and filters for any obstructions
  • Verify sufficient airflow by measurement
  • Check whether the thermostat is working properly or not
  • Check the belt for tightness 
  • Lubricate motors and inspect electric terminals 
  • Verify the correct refrigerant charge
  • Check the correct electric control
  • Look for refrigerant leaks

Summing Up

The ideal time for servicing and maintenance of a heat pump is during spring or fall. But if your heat pump has not gone through maintenance and servicing for a long time, make sure to do it as early as possible. Make your winter season more comfortable and cozy through regular maintenance and servicing of a heat pump.

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