Government Allocates Additional £15 Million Funding, Enhancing Over 200 Courts


Last year, the government put aside funding in the budget to improve courthouses in England and Wales. They worked together with senior judges, who are the most important judges in the country, to decide which courthouses needed the most work. So far, they’ve finished over 450 improvements, which is a lot of progress in just one year!

This means better courthouses for everyone who uses them. Here are some examples of the work done:

  • Fixing leaky roofs and broken windows: This might seem like a small thing, but a leaky roof can damage important documents and make it uncomfortable to be in court. At Chester Crown Court, a historic building, repairs were made to keep the building weatherproof and protect its character.
  • Making courthouses easier to get around in: Not everyone can walk up stairs easily. New elevators at Swansea Civil Justice Centre and Thames Magistrates’ Court make it easier for people with disabilities to get to their hearings.
  • Upgrading old plumbing and heating systems: Reliable plumbing and heating are important for keeping courtrooms comfortable and at the right temperature. New boilers were installed in Newton Abbot, Peterlee and Plymouth Magistrates’ Courts to make sure everyone is comfortable during their hearings.
  • Giving courtrooms a fresh coat of paint and making them more comfortable: A fresh coat of paint can make a big difference to the feel of a space. The courtroom at Leeds Combined Court was refurbished to make it more inviting and comfortable for everyone who uses it, including judges, lawyers, court staff, and the public.
  • Making courthouses safer: Feeling safe is important when you go to court. A new secure entrance at Croydon Combined Court improves security and makes it easier to control who enters the building.

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Paul Maynard, being the Justice Minister, added:

“We want to provide the best possible experience for the victims, witnesses, staff and legal professionals that use our buildings every day.”

“From roof replacements to plumbing repairs, the wide-ranging nature of these works means that more court users up and down the country are able to benefit from improved and up to date buildings.”

This is on top of the money already spent on keeping courthouses in good shape. Because many courthouses are old buildings, they need regular maintenance to stay comfortable and secure.

These improvements are part of a bigger plan to modernise the court system. This includes using new technology to make things easier, like a new online system to file small claims. Over 37,000 people have already used this system, and most of them are happy with it! Another online system helps people apply for divorce with fewer mistakes of less than 1%, which were 40% before this system.

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